The role of Dawoods in the Pakistani education system

Education is the most important factor that decide a lot things of a human being in the current society. Without education, taming people would be harder, the ethics would not mean anything and the future world would be in danger. That’s the reason why everything related to education must be a top priority of any country at all times.

But in the practical context, the amount of attention and the sheer budget allocation for education is relatively less when compared to the healthcare and military. While it is reasonable, you simply cannot let it be like that. This was the motive that got the Dawood family to elevate the education system of Pakistan.

Naturally, the Asian region holds a good name for producing globally recognized professionals who excel in various educational perspectives. Being philanthropists who has contributed towards the healthcare sector in a massive amount, bashir dawood and his wife has already taken steps to take the Pakistani education to new levels.

For an instance, in 1986, the Suleman Dawood School of Business or the SDSB was enacted and ever since that, too many people have got their chance to change their lives for good and face the problems of the world in a more solid manner. It being the first ever school to function at the Lahore University of Management, this educational establishment has gone out of its way to provide both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students of Pakistan.

The resist why the school was named after Suleman Dawood is because his son and the wife are the top contributors to the school. After all, if they were not appreciated even by a small gesture like that, the Pakistani community would not look good in terms of being grateful.

Since the enaction of the school, it has been supported globally due to the rising quality of it. After all, with strategic guidance and the generous financial contributions to the school, the surprise would be if it didn’t come up to the position that it is right now.

Have you ever wondered what sort of educational qualifications that the SDSB is capable of providing?

For a starters, it provides bachelor’s degrees that a person can major in accounting and finance and management sciences. It also provides the academics the opportunities to follow their MBAs either full time or part time on weekends. Completing the higher education arc, the SDSB is providing globally recognized PhD qualifications. As you can see, the Dawood family has opened a portal of opportunities for a large number of people who want to learn and win the world.

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