Do you have healing written in your stars?

 All of us have ambitions. When we were little, a driving a truck looked so enticing and cool. When we went to the hospital, seeing the doctors and nurses run around working, we fell in love with that. Whatever you had in mind when little can change when you grow up. We then learn that it is better to find a career that suits our characteristics too. In that case, do you consider yourself to a kind and considerate person? Do you want to heal people but maybe not through drugs and injections?

A pathway to heal the mind

It is the mind that makes a lot of things work. It is said that you are what you think. In many religious texts as well it is explained how to tame your mind and lead a peaceful life. However, the other way around, if your mind is unwell, it takes only a little time to turn everything upside down. But the issue is, most of us not understanding the power of the mind. Of coursewhere the mind is, is it the same as brain, how do you really “think” what do the neurons and stuff got to do with it all like unlimited questions are still out there. nevertheless, mind is the base of many things, great and dull, is not a contested fact.

What is psychotherapy?

This is basically therapy viatalking to a human being. It is a pathway for people to share their feelings and issues they have, through a safe and confidential method. By this type of therapy, you can change how people think and make them think positively instead of seeing things in a dire light. It is usually taken place face-to-face. Also group therapy is another method where a team of people who have similar sort of issues get-together anddiscuss the challenges they have. Telephone psychotherapy has become famous now that people have less and less time to visit a medical professional who will conduct a session. For the same reason- ease of access, time savings- cost savings etc.- online methods of counselling has also gained popularity recently.

How to become a counsellor

To become a counselor, you have to follow a diploma in counselling Singapore, or a similar sort of accredited course. Counselling is also a subject in courses such as child psychology and Montessori courses. However, by becoming a licensed counsellor you can start your own practice or work at a hospital on permanent basis. The job has the added advantage of soothing your own mind by seeing how many people you put at ease simply by listening to them and suggesting positive actions that can be taken.

Becoming a medical doctor can be a blessing to heal people physically. However, that is not the only thing you can do to make life easier for people. Healing the mind precedes healing the body.

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