Rules in Achieving Straight A’s

Compiled below are listings of rules, when followed in a disciplined manner guarantees achievement of optimum results for students. With numerous students worldwide following similar principles the core information stated is customizable and considered key aspects in achieving success.

Timing & Scheduling – As the semester progresses, usage of physical or digital calendars for tracking purposes will allow detailing important dates as exams, project submission deadlines, breaks and activities enrolled in.

Online applications and diaries can be utilized to fulfil the purpose. Scheduling a review time for each week, with updating and planning to be completed regularly is highly important with timelines stipulated for each subject review within the week. Information on additional tutoring or specific O-level physics tuition Singapore should be detailed. Writing down or detailing information though considered time consuming is generally considered a wise investment of time to ensure a productive week.  Typically, a 15 to 30 minute timeline is advised weekly.

  • Disciplined Approach – Being completely aware of the importance, commitment to the task in an organized manner is recommended. Ensuring subjects notes, books and projects are stationed in accessible levels though identified a stressful process is important to be completed as discipline is considered a key aspect nurturing a successful outcome.
  • Physical & mental health – A general complaint by most students are being tired & sleep deprived in return effecting focus and lower energy levels to absorb learning. Continuance in this form is unhealthy with regular exercise for a 30 minute timeline per day and adequate sleep being the recommended path to follow.
  • Study area – In order to ensure discipline during the study timelines, ensuring a distraction free area is selected can be a challenge. Initially, turning off phones and ensuring the area is clutter free is recommended to enhance focus. With each achievement in study completion benchmarks, rewarding one with a healthy treat, time or walk is considered a developing trend in the modern society.
  • To cram or not to cram? – No, being the definite option, planning out a periodic review method is highly recommended in overcoming the situation. The aim of a periodic review is to allow new information on a particular learning process to move from a short term memory process to a long term memory process.
  • Group studies & learning assistance –  A process recommended with numbers not exceeding 3 or 4 allowing alternate views and idea exchange enabling a motivating learning experience. A tutor being present can add benefit if the learning process is considered challenging. Ensuring queries are met with answers and further research to clarify doubts is considered a key aspect in achieving success.

Whilst the information is focused on assisting students, the details are extracted with focus on providing helpful insight into the dedication required in achieving various high level educational benchmarks in general.

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