Things every student should know when preparing for their exams

It is the beginning of the year and to many students across the world, it is a countdown to their o level and a level examinations that begin in a few months time. By now preferably you should have begun preparing and revising for your examination but if you still haven’t, it is not too late. You can still prepare for your exams and hopefully ace all of them. This is especially true if you know and try to incorporate the things below.

Get a tutor to help you

The biggest regret of many students is that they never asked for help. If you are lagging behind in a subject or you are just finding it difficult to understand the content being taught, then go hire a tutor as soon as possible. Whether it is for secondary chemistry tuition Singapore or any other subject, find a reputable tutor and start studying. A tutor will be able to dedicate 1 or more hours entirely for just you. Therefore even if you are taking long to understand something, they will still patiently teach you until you understand.

Do past papers if they are available

For major secondary exams, past papers are mostly available for public use, therefore purchase them and practice. These can help you understand what types of questions are asked and by practicing your answers you can time it and see how you fare within the general time limit allocated for that exam. Furthermore if you have a marking scheme, you can understand what is expected of you and how you need to organize your answer.

Always read the questions

Never skim through a question, read everything properly even if you are running short on time. This will help you identify what actually is being asked. Sometimes questions may seem similar to ones you have already done before but if you actually read carefully, you may realize that there are differences. If you have already written a lengthy answer but it is actually not what the question is asking for, then you will lose so many marks. Furthermore if you try to go back and correct it, especially when you have other questions that need to be answered, you may end up not being able to complete many questions when the time is up.

Wear a digital watch

It may take less than a second to glance at a digital watch and see the time, however it may take at least 5 seconds to find the clock in the examination room. In an exam, every second counts so wear a digital watch. Also before you start, go through your paper and allocate a number of minutes that you can spend on each question, then start answering. This will help ensure that you do not spend too much time on a question that carries just 1 or 2 marks and will overall help you manage your time better.

In the end, examinations will only be tough if you make it out to be so prepare ahead and be wise. Every second you have until the paper is precious so use your time wisely and do the things above.

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