Smart tips to help you study better

Today fortunately or unfortunately every person is being judged by where they stand in terms of their education and grades. If you have straight ‘A’s you are most likely to be successful in future and if it were the other way around you are probably assumed to fail for life. but what education should be about is giving every child the opportunity to nurture whatever that they do best. However, since this is going to take a while, at least until you get to college, you need to stick the usual ways of learning and that means striving to get good grades. So here are some tips you could use.

 Study the same in different ways

Although this tip might sound counteractive and a waste of time, it is in fact one of the best ways for you to remember things better. when you read thing for the first time it only stays for a couple while. But when you are learn that same lesson again by doing sums, or teaching it to a friend or watching more videos on it, the chances are it would last longer in your memory. And this is what even the best physics tutor would advise.

Learn different subjects in a day

One of the biggest reasons we hate to sit in one place and study is because we make the mistake of holding on to only one subject. So it is only obvious that you end up getting fed up of it and giving up on the whole. Instead learn to switch between multiple subjects. Learning a little from everything is in fact better than holding on to one thing and learn nothing. The variety in the subjects would also make learning more interesting and you would be surprised to see the time flying!


No one is genius and perfect enough to remember things after studying it only once. That only happens in movies and teledramas. In reality, give it a week or two and you’ll end up forgetting everything! Therefore, constantly reviewing things is a necessity to avoid cramming at the end. You might think you work best when you leave things for the last minute. But sometimes, it could stress you out more than you would have ever imagined. So, make sure you always review whatever you have studied. This way chances of failing and ending up with sleepless nights is less!

Know that you can’t multitask

You might think you can update that story on Instagram, watching the last remaining bit in that movie, while also recalling what you studied and making sums of it. but what happens in reality is that, you are practically getting nothing done. Multitasking is not possible. Humans just aren’t built that way. so when you are studying study, and update later!

Use the above tips and improve your grades drastically this semester!

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