How to Change the World as a Couple

If you have been fortunate enough to find a partner who shares your passion for charity, you certainly can call yourself lucky! There are plenty of ways you can share the joys of giving with your partner. Indeed, your very union will be blessed if you take time to help the less fortunate people who are living in the world. The article below gives a few tips and suggestion that will help you.

Give a portion of your income to charity

You can be a generous giver and use a portion of your income to make the lives of the less fortunate, a little better. Talk to your partner and see how much you will be able to set apart every month. You have to give an amount of money that you can comfortably part with.

If you have made a lot of money together, you can follow the examples of great philanthropists like Mariyam Dawood and look for ways that you can bring about great changes in the world.

Adopt a child

This is not an easy thing to do for sure. But if you have the heart to adopt a child, by all means do so. Open your home to a child who would otherwise live a life of misery and neglect and you will surely be blessed in great ways. Keep in mind that this will be a lifelong commitment so do it only if you are absolutely certain of your dedication. You can also consider sponsoring the education of a child in a less fortunate family.

Travel in a less developed country and volunteer

If you both like the idea of travelling, another incredibly rewarding option of giving is available to you. Travel in a country that has poverty stricken families and volunteer to help them in any way that you both can. If you can teach the children English while you are holidaying in their country, it will truly be greatly appreciated by them. You can opt to do private lessons or volunteer at one of their schools. Do try to volunteer for community development projects while you are there too.

Help the elderly

The elderly in our society also need quite a lot of love and support. You can do simple acts of kindness like cooking their meals, doing their grocery shopping, walking their dogs or doing their laundry. If you can even just drop in for a casual chat on a weekend, they will surely love it.


People who are generous with their time and money can certainly make a big difference in the world!

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