An overlooked perspective on printers

Since its inception, printers have been one of the frontrunners of delivering information that crosses countries and crosses cultures.People were able to produce books at least over a hundred times faster than writing it down word by word. Today, people are now able to produce over a million title of book each year! And its advancement has enabled people to print on other things as well that are just too many to mention. Here’s what printers can now do at present.

Clothings, shoes, and other apparels

Printers have been long involved in the fashion industry through printing out words and images on to clothes, but now they immersed themselves as people dwelled upon printing the actual clothes! Using the latest tech, 3d printer Singapore are now capable of making clothes that are of same fabric materials which is quite similar from fibers that have been weaved. A shoe company was also able to develop sole that made use of 3d technology that actually works and perceived to be better than the former materials used for soles.

Medical breakthrough

Scientists and doctors in the field of medicine have now been able to develop and 3d print artificial human organs that can function like that of the human organ. This will lessen or eliminate being patients from being in the waiting list for organ donoations and have their own 3d printed organ that are fully functional.Even in the industry of dentistry, dentists are now capable of printing out dentures compatible and fit perfectly to the patients’ gums.

Better architectural models

Architects are now able to print out every single detail that are in their designs. This enables clients to get a better look at all the aesthetic designs that they are offered. This also reduces the time that architects spend in making the scale model of their structures, and they can easily edit out and re-use the materials used in case there are changes that are needed to be made.

Bring out the inner artist in you

Making use of 3d printing technology, even an individual can become a great artist in this new field of artwork. People can turn their vision of art into a reality. This will spark the inner artist that you’ve kept hidden or delayed to improve.

Make your own equipment

You can now print out the equipments that you need to improve your home! You can 3d print a small chair, cabinet, shelves, and so much more. There are various sites that gives out free blueprints on the items that you can make. You can easily make one without the need to go buy them at hardware or furniture stores, and arouse your creativity.

There are infinite possibilites when it comes to printing, and it’s only the start of something new, that in the near future, we might be able to print larger products that can ease the work of each industry.



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