Get your kid to go the extra mile easily

Drive and dedication are developed by a person with the will to achieve great things. As parents you’d always want your kids to accomplish great things. However to make them ambitious you also need to push them a little, but not so much for them to lose focus but just as much as for them to go the extra mile.


Let them enjoy life

You can help the kids try harder, but not at the expense of them losing the real joys of life. In a study done in the USA, it has been found out that children who grow up not seeing greenery are akin to becoming more violent; children who grow up in harmony with the nature are able to become better humans. Let your child have their childhood in peace. Make them meet different people and have various experiences rather than just barring them to school or private tuition. A child who has a free mind will grasp things more and have their own thoughts about the world; hence they will want more to do than an average person, making them take that extra step.

Little push in the right way

You can help them achieve the best and go the extra mile. How you can do it is, by providing food for thought via books and other reading material, audio visual aids which can make them question things and so on. To improve their thinking abilities, you can enroll them in brain training classes Singapore where the process of using your brain powers to the maximum will be tested out by various techniques. Thinking games, mathematical formula for fun and much more can help kids grow their imagination and computing powers. Make sure they agree to this, as it won’t be very fruitful if they feel forced to attend the course.

Sit and talk with them

It is your duty to include them in everything you do. Kids should be given an opportunity to take up responsibility and leadership. If at home, you can give them chores to do and make a time table to show which to do when. There can be rewards for the completed chores, even for innovative actions such as using a new way to water the flowers or sweep the house. If the kid is given importance at home itself, they will be much more confident when they go outside, in school or a community gathering. They will volunteer, speak up and act for anyone else’s requirements too. Kids as such go the extra mile easily and encourage others also to follow suit.

So don’t try to make your kid become the first in the class or best in mathematics. Try to make them realize their own potential and act accordingly to be better people.

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