How you can be your kid’s first and best teacher?

According to research, kids are more likely to learn habits, manners, discipline and practically the way of life at home! His parents are his first and most important teachers. However, most parents are unaware of this and thus tend to either leave their kid in the presence of babysitters or almost never do activities with them!

You are their superheroes!

There is absolutely no doubt that your kids look up to you. Whether it is the way you dress and behave or the way you have your food, everything about their parents fascinates them! They believe that you are their superhero! So, what happens when their superhero behaves in manner that he or she shouldn’t? Well, the kids don’t know that! And naturally they will copy that behavior as well! Which is why a kid who grows up in a house of abuse most often tends to grow up to be an abuser himself. The trauma never really goes away!

Every activity counts


Getting toddlers to do what you say can be quite the challenge. But you can get them to do anything you say by turning every activity into a fun activity. Whether it is to take a bath or to change their clothes, get their attention away from the task and change it into something fun. Add toys to their tub to bathe along with them. Play with bubbles during wash time! They will absolutely love it! You can also get them to dance to some music whilst changing clothes. When you are cooking, get them a set of cookware toys to cook along with you. These little activities can not only strengthen your bond with your kids, but it also helps them build their confidence. It is also great for cognitive learning!


Good alternative

If you are forced to leave your kids under the care of someone else, make sure that you leave it with someone who you can trust and also very importantly who has good manners! It is very vital that you always make sure that the kid is in the hands of someone who can teach good values and morals for them. Teach them cleanliness and being neat. These qualities need to be instilled in the kids from a very small age. Only then will they continue to do so. If you are unable to find a babysitter with such qualities then it is better to opt for a kindergarten Singapore as the qualified teachers there would take better care!


The kids always need to have their parents around them. Kids who have a normal and happy childhood grow up to be successful persons in all aspects of their life. Especially their psychological thinking turns out be stable and they are able to manage any situation with confidence and valour!

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