Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Steer Clear Of

In order to engage and interact with your specific audience, there is basically no tool better than social media. But if it used in the wrong way, it can also quickly turn into the ultimate brand destroyer. We see almost on a daily basis how different brands handle different promotional tactic on Facebook and how they either get carried through to become successful campaigns or absolute disasters. Everybody uses Facebook these days to get the maximum reach that they can but not everybody knows and understands how to use it correctly. So here are some Facebook marketing mistakes that you need to steer clear of always.

Having Too Much Promotional Content

It is fine to be proud of the accomplishments that your brand has made and it’s good to promote them as long as you remember one tiny detail. The customers out there looking at your brand on Facebook are not just reading through post after post of what you have achieved as a brand. They are looking to see what kind of value addition you can give them instead. Therefore, always know that while showing the customers what kind of high standards they can expect from you, do not get too promotional about it. Nobody wants to scroll through their newsfeed and see that everything there is promotional. The likes that you got will start turning into dislikes then. The first page and post that everybody likes to see is some interesting or inspiring content that they can connect with and relate to.

Focusing Only On Getting the Highest Amount of Likes

You should not simply focus on getting more likes for your brand. Yes, if you are getting more likes it does mean that you are reaching a larger number of people. But just because they seemed to have liked your posts it does not necessarily mean that it will help the growth and development of the brand as a whole. Instead of simply looking at the number of likes, approach people who can actually act as influencers for your brand. These are your consumers who will share your posts and spread the word. That is how you can grow.

Information That Is Incomplete

Have you ever felt like buying anything from a business account on social media that did not seem to give out all the relevant information? The answer is most likely, no. That is why you need to make sure that your social media business account mentions clearly all the important details of your business such as the name, the location, the email address, URL, the contact details, any branches and customer care hotline numbers. This will really help people put their faith in you and will grow your customer base. However that being said, when you post other details like your normal daily content, try not to put in really long sentences. If you can keep it below 250 characters with spaces you will have a better reach, and if you can further cut it down to 80 you will have even better reach. The trick is to give the right information in full and cut back on other things.

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