Education and technology – how far we have come

Technology plays a huge role in our life. We need it in every aspect of our life. We need it during every minute of every day. But do we stop and give a thought to how technology has affected the lives of our children, of the younger generations, of those small minds? When we are young we never had any of these devices that we currently and nor did our parents. These devices were not in existence when were kids. But now almost every adult owns either a smart phone or tablet or in some cases both. Something that has become an integral part of every household is the computer. It is must for everybody in a household to be able to access the internet. This is the way that everybody thinks these days. People have only such notions in their head.

Not saying that technology is a bad thing, because if used correctly it can be one of the most powerful educational tools out there. From toddlers to the elderly everybody can operate a touch screen. It’s so easy for everybody to understand how one of these smart devices work, and even when it comes to the disabled they can operate these devices using voice control which is an amazing feat. Therefore using these devices anybody can get what they want done. They can find answer to any questions they might be having. They can find all their favorite books to be read over here. They can read the daily newspaper on these smart devices. They can have their textbooks with them on these devices. There can be so much that can be achieved in the way of education using these devices.

Children especially learn a lot through these. If you give a toddler one of these devices you should not be surprised or shocked if he/sheswitches on the device and presses on the buttons that start playing his/her favorite song for them. You shouldn’t be surprised about any of the things they do using these devices. Because when you children the freedom to explore you can get some amazing results in return, they learn so much when they have been given this freedom. And these touchscreens almost feel like they were made for these little fingers, because they are so user friendly. There are now so many educational apps available online because people have started realizing the fact that children are increasingly starting to use technology as a guide to education, and they have realized that this trend is here to stay.

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