Managing preschoolers requires creativity

As young kids and preschoolers it is often very difficult for them to fit themselves into a new environment. They take some time adjusting to the new changes that have to come along in their lives. They take some time to get used to the people around them and they take some time to get used to all the new things around them. This is the very reason why they feel so insecure in a new environment and we find that they start crying when they realize that they don’t have anything familiar with them anymore. Not the people that they are used to and not the places that they are used to. This is why there are so many howling children crying on the shoulders of their parents on their first few days of preschool, and you will find that the teachers will be having to pull them away from their parents.

This is the reason why it’s important to make the children feel at home right from the word go. Because this is their first real experience of staying away from their safety net which is their parents, and they won’t like it at all. So they are definitely going to put up some form of resistance, and for the most part this will be in the form of relentless crying. But you must definitely come up with something that can help distract them from this. Something that distracts them from thoughts about home and their parents. Distraction is the best way by which you can get them to calm down. And this is where it is important for you as a member of the staff in the preschool to be able to handle such situations with utmost calm.

Maybe you can try to distract them with some exciting toys and games, or you could try to get them to go out to the garden and indulge in play with the other kids who are already comfortable with the environment. This will definitely be good enough for them, because when they see that this is a place where there are the kids of their age and they can see the other kids enjoying themselves, it will definitely help them to calm down. Fun activities like painting and playing with colors will help them get really involved with what they are doing and help them forget about where they are and by whom they are surrounded. This is the reason why there has to be many different tricks up your sleeve when you have to manage preschoolers.

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