Field trips – and their educational value

It is quite a common practice amongst schools all around the world to take the kids on field trips on a regular basis. In some countries and in some schools these field trips are taken very seriously and they do it after giving it a lot of thought, whereas in certain countries it just done for the purpose of giving children some time off and some enjoyment. Whatever may be the reason behind them doing it, field trips have become an essential part of every school curriculum and you can declare without a doubt that it’s here to stay. And some schools take this part of a child’s education so seriously that they even go to the extent of taking the kids to a different country in order to enhance their educational experience, because they feel that this would be a great opportunity for the kids to learn new things and waken them up to new experiences. And research has proven that they are right in thinking like this. That they are right to take a field trip so seriously.

One has to understand that everything would have been started with a purpose behind it. Otherwiseschool children would not have started piling into buses decades ago just to get to the local museum and the local art gallery. People started this tradition with a big reason behind this. And the reason is that this kind of field trip educates the child in numerous ways. You go to various cultural institutions such the art gallery, the museum, the zoo, and various other places steeped in history. Just being able to look at these places is education enough, and top of that the children get the experience of having the teachers explain things to them, of pointing out various things to them and telling them exactly what they are.

Such field trips give the children what we like to call cultural enrichment, because being educated doesn’t only mean that they have to understand the numbers and the words. They also have to be able to understand art and culture. And this is exactly what such field trips try to teach the children and inculcate in the children. Appreciation for the arts and culture. In the days gone by the words field trip would get the kids so excited, but unfortunately today that is not the case. Kids get bored when you mention a field trip and they would prefer to stay at home rather than join the event. So it’s definitely up to the schools to encourage participation and ty and making it fun for the kids.

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