Helping out the students who fail at exams

As teachers and staff at a school on most occasions you will form opinions about students throughout the course of the time when you are with them. As people who interact with them on a daily basis you realize the little details that matter the most. And with time you will begin to understand that some of them are headed for greatness in life and that they will go on to achieve great things while there will be others who in your opinion are directly headed for disaster in their lives. You feel that the hard working group of students will definitely go on to achieve greater things where as those who don’t seem like they are the least bit interested in their education and everything, you feel like they are definitely not headed in the right direction. But the truth of it is that one should never judge a book by its cover, and this same rule applies to humans as well.

Even though you have a certain opinion in your head about a certain student, you can definitely be proved wrong. And there are times when you feel absolutely shocked that the very person you thought would not be able to do anything useful in their lives have gone onto to do amazing things in their lives, which make you feel proud that you were able to play a part in their lives, and that you might have in some way helped them achieve this greatness. Because teachers are the people who can guide the students in the correct directions. This can be done in many ways such as making those who are lagging behind still feel like they belong in the classroom environment amongst the students who are doing well. As this will make them feel like they are not considered any different from the rest, and can be a form of motivation for them to do better and improve their performance.

You can also give them motivation by evening out the playing field, that is offering to help them put, but make sure you don’t do this in a manner that will make them feel embarrassed. Don’t do it in a manner that will make the feel ashamed of taking help from you the next time. So for this you can help them out by raising the bar constantly with whatever they are working but offering to help them out during the more challenging circumstances. This will make them feel like they are also contributing in some way or the other.

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